Homeschooling Strategies for Busy Parents

Balancing parenthood and homeschooling can be tough. Tips on how you can stay connected, embrace your role, mix things up, and set achievable goals.

Helpful Homeschooling Terms & Acronyms

Helpful Homeschooling Terms & Acronyms – What You Need to Know Unschool vs Deschool Within the culture of homeschooling, deschooling refers to the transition from institutional education (public or private) to homeschool. Unschooling refers to a specific approach to homeschooling (also called child-led or interest based). Homeschool vs School at Home Homeschool refers to the…

Homeschool Teaching Methods

Which teaching method is right for you? Though there are many methodologies and subsets, we’ve started with a list of the most common teaching methods for homeschooling. As you read through the list, ask yourself which one most resonates with you and your family.

What Type of Learner is Your Child?

DETERMINING YOUR CHILD’S LEARNING STYLE: By acknowledging and understanding how your child learns best can truly help set your homeschool up for success, and it can help with narrowing down curriculum options.

Recommended Websites for Alaska Homeschoolers

An extensive list of websites you may find helpful to begin your homeschooling journey. (This list is provided as a courtesy and inclusion does not constitute an endorsement.)

Curriculum Options COMING SOON

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