History Subscription Boxes


Subscriptions & subscription boxes can be great supplemental curriculum for homeschoolers! Here we have compiled an extensive list of subscription boxes focusing on history.

Arts in Letters

Hold history in your hands as you read about the lives of history’s great creators by reading their own words! Every week Arts in Letters sends you a new packet containing a transcription of an actual letter written by a historical figure from the one of the fields of Science, Literature, Art, or Music. Letters by such great minds as Mozart, Austen, Gauguin, and Galileo have been gathered and reproduced for you to read and enjoy. Every letter is transcribed into English and printed on quality paper. Included with the letter is biographical information about the writer and recipient and historical context about the topics in the letter. You’ll read about the motivations, influences, and experiences of history’s great creators, in their own words!

History by Mail

Monthly replicas of historic documents. Curated with care from the best archives in the world. Each document accompanied by context pages telling relevant details surrounding the historic event. High quality graphically designed replicas with historically themed stamps and high quality envelopes and paper. Themes (every 4 letters) delve deep into topics such as: Historic inventions, American Wars, and Foreign Diplomacy. Perfect as a keepsake, learning materials, or collectible items.

History UnBoxed

Immerse your students in lessons that bring the cultures, peoples, and eras of human history to life! Stories, objects, recipes and more from far-off centuries and continents bring learning well beyond the classroom. Your student will benefit from hands-on activities that bring the lessons to life and greatly aid retention! Watch as your child paints, assembles, builds, flies, cooks, colors, and weaves their way into the eras and cultures of each box. For ages 5+.

Letters from Philosophers

Receive our carefully curated recreations of famous hand-written letters from inspirational philosophers, beautifully packaged on high-quality stationery. Experience the learning of practical philosophy. Re-discover philosophy the way it was meant to be read.

Madmen & Heroes

Join us if you yearn to disentangle mysteries, puzzles, ciphers and all matters of confounding and mystifying enigmas. Each month, we will submit to you a story  where you will have to meet a series of challenges by solving the mysteries that lie within.

Mysteries in Time (UK)

Looking for a fun, educational way to keep your kids entertained? Travel through history with an exciting adventure. Each month, a time machine is delivered to your door bursting with fun activities. Follow Max and Katie as they travel back in history to solve a mystery in the illustrated adventure story and learn fun facts in the colourful history magazine. Get creative and make a stunning craft and have fun solving the puzzles. Be inspired to love history. For ages 7-11.

Photo courtesy: https://www.cratejoy.com/subscription-box/mysteriesintime/

Venture in History

Monthly world paper money selection perfect for the new or seasoned collector! Each month experts pick seven or more of great genuine and colorful world paper money and send them right to your mailbox. We guarantee at least $20 worth of world paper money every month. The currency notes are mostly in circulation and new, with some historical and old currencies included. World paper money collecting is fun, educational and profitable as the currency of the world goes up over time.

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