Geography & Social Studies Subscription Boxes


Subscription boxes can be great supplemental curriculum for homeschoolers! Here we have compiled an extensive list of subscription boxes focusing on geography & social studies.

Atlas Crate (Kiwi Co)

Atlas Crate is designed to help your child develop an appreciation for other cultures, growing their understanding of communities and customs beyond their own experience. We also value the importance of using STEAM concepts as the building blocks for our crates to encourage hands-on, play-based learning. We give kids immersive, hands-on experiences that connect them creatively and intellectually with unfamiliar lands and people. We’re excited to help your kids explore the globe. Because the world around us is a real trip! For ages 6-11.

Backpack the World

A Cultural Geography Subscription Kit, offering a new country for each month. Backpack the World offers your child political, economic geographic and cultural information about a new county each month. Including maps, products, crafts, recipes and more. For ages 8-14.

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Coin and Currency Club

The money we use does more than just provide a means of trade: it tells a story of who we are. Whether it is of kings of a bygone era, wartime heroes, or feats of art and science, every coin and banknote has a story to tell. Coin and Currency Club brings these stories to you. Every month we deliver a coin and banknote from a different country along with an informative “postcard” full of photos, graphics, facts, and statistics of the subject nation.

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Geo Journey (UK)

Geo Journey is the fun way to learn about the world.  It’s the kids subscription box they would choose themselves.   Learn how to say ‘hello’ in Japanese and find out what the Americans eat for breakfast. Where do giant pandas live? And can you really climb the Great Wall of China? Geo Journey monthly subscription boxes spark the imagination and inspire children to learn. 

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Highlights Which Way USA (Book Club Subscription)

Exclusively from the Fun with a Purpose experts at Highlights, Which Way USA takes your child on a state-by-state adventure through the most exciting locations in America. With each fun and engaging puzzle book and map set, children will learn about geography, history and culture, and even practice school skills — all without ever leaving home! For ages 7+.

Letters from Afar

Subscribe to receive a handwritten letter in the mail each month! Letters From Afar are an entertaining, nostalgic, and refreshingly different way to learn. In a time when almost everything is digital, the art of snail mail is going extinct. It’s our mission to help keep it alive and well. There is nothing quite like the nostalgia of receiving a handwritten letter addressed to you. Letters From Afar are for travel lovers of all ages to learn about the world in a fun, old fashioned way. Not everyone can be a globetrotter – these letters bring a spark of adventure right to your mailbox. 

Little Global Citizens

Adventures awaits! Little Global Citizens is the only subscription box that introduces your child to countries of the world AND their cultures. Each box is expertly designed to bring a new country and its culture to life. For ages 4-10.

Little Learning Hands

Travel the world, learn life skills and have a blast with educational hands-on subscription kits that spark love for exploration and diversity! Little Learning Hands is offering a World Explorer Subscription that offers the opportunity to tour some of the most fascinating countries through a variety of activities. Your child will receive games, puzzles, crafts, experiments among others that are designed to reinforce learning. For ages 6-12.

Little Passports

Introduce your child to geography, science, world cultures, the arts and more with our monthly educational subscriptions for kids! Little Passports is a global adventure to spark your child’s curiosity. Three options to choose from: Early Explorers, World Edition & USA Edition. For ages 3-12.

My Amazing Pen Pal

Kids are immersed into the adventures of a treasure hunter as he travels the world, through weekly videos, online content updated 3 times a week and monthly packages delivered in the mail. They learn geography, history, math, social studies and languages in an engaging and entertaining way from a positive role model whom they can correspond with at any time. For ages 6-11.

Our Little Globe (UK)

Our ultimate kids activity craft boxes are packed with letters, crafts, cooking and colouring activities to keep children busy exploring. Explore a new country every month! For ages 5-10.

Quirky Pickle Sticker Pals

The ONLY worldwide sticker penpal club for kids and teens! For ages 4-16.

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Snail Mail for Kids

Sunny the mail snail will send your child a letter in the mail every week! Letters include stickers,  pictures, trading cards, souvenirs and more.  Kids will solve a secret code and get special prizes. Engage children’s curiosity through the weekly letters with silly stories about animals and the world. For ages 4-8.

Surprise Ride

Unplug & Discover! At the beginning of each month, we’ll send you one Surprise Ride kit featuring an exciting new activity. Plus, throughout the holiday season, we’ll get you started with an extra bonus kit of your choice! Each kit explores another fascinating subject, from fantasy to science, includes all the project supplies, a reading book, a keepsake, plus simple step-by-step photo instructions.


Give your child the world — Globetrotting adventure books and activities, delivered monthly! WompleMail is story based learning that teaches kids a global mindset. We’re inspiring the next generation of global citizens. WompleBox teaches culture, science, history, cuisine, nature, art and more from unique places all over the world. Kids will come face to face with relatable kid-characters from other countries, then they’re off on an adventure: up close with Komodo dragons in Indonesia, joining a tribe of reindeer herders in Mongolia, and hiking the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. Each month is a new opportunity to explore! For ages 6-11.

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