Homeschool Support & Online Discussion Groups for Alaskans

Homeschool Support & Online Discussion Groups for Alaskans

Statewide Groups:

Alaska Christian Homeschoolers

Alaska High School Homeschoolers

Alaska Network of Independent Homeschoolers

Alaska Private and Home Educators Association

Alaskan Homeschoolers

Alaskan Homeschoolers – Woke and Inclusive

Homeschool Haven

Support for the Sudden Homeschooler

Anchorage Groups:

Anchorage Life Learners (Unschoolers & Homeschoolers)

Chugiak Eagle River Homeschoolers & Unschoolers

Eagle River Homeschoolers

Faith Homeschool Connection

JBER Homeschoolers

Wild + Free, Eagle River Alaska

Interior Groups:

Fairbanks Area Homeschoolers

Fairbanks Area Christian Homeschoolers

North Star Independent Homeschoolers

Kenai Groups:

Kenai Peninsula Homeschool

Kenai Peninsula Christian Homeschoolers

Kenai Peninsula Homeschool Activities Committee

Kenai Peninsula Independent Homeschoolers

Mat-Su Groups:

MatSu Christian Homeschoolers

Mat-Su Valley Homeschoolers

Sutton Area Homeschoolers

Wasilla Homeschoolers

Wild + Free Palmer, Alaska

Juneau Groups:

Capital City Homeschoolers

Juneau Wild + Free Homeschoolers

This list is a work in progress. If you know of a homeschool group in Alaska that should be on the list, please let us know!