Alaska’s Homeschool Programs (Correspondence Schools)

Alaska’s Homeschool Programs (Correspondence Schools)

There are more than 30 correspondence schools funded by the state of Alaska that thousands of families utilize for their homeschooling journey. Enrolling in a correspondence school is free for Alaska residents.

These schools provide support including annual allotments for students to help cover items related to the student’s education including but not limited to curriculum, books/textbooks, school supplies, technology, tutors, classes/instruction/lessons and extracurricular activities (physical education/art/music).

Some of the correspondence programs are considered ‘statewide’ meaning the program is based in a specific school district but students anywhere in the state are allowed to enroll. Statewide correspondence programs will have various offices in other cities/communities outside their designated school district. If a program is not statewide, you must live in the program’s designated district in order to enroll.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of Alaska’s correspondence programs with information including each program’s location, whether it is statewide, the number of students & teachers enrolled (figures from the Department of Education website), allotment amounts and whether the program provides an allotment for pre-K students.

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Alaska REACH Academy (STATEWIDE)

Bristol Bay Correspondence

Connections (STATEWIDE)

Cordova Innovative Learning Program

CyberLynx  (STATEWIDE)

Delta-Greely Homeschool


Dillingham Correspondence

Distance Learning Center  (STATEWIDE)

Extensions Correspondence

Fairbanks B.E.S.T. (STATEWIDE)

Family Partnership Charter School

Fast Track (STATEWIDE)


Frontier Charter School

Haines Home School


IDEA – Interior Distance Education of Alaska  (STATEWIDE)

Lakeview Home School

LEAD Correspondence  (STATEWIDE)

Mat-Su Central School  (STATEWIDE)

NWABSD HomeSchool

PACE Correspondence  (STATEWIDE)


Raven Correspondence (STATEWIDE)

Reach Home School

Totem Correspondence (STATEWIDE)

Twindly-Bridge Charter

Upstream Learning  (STATEWIDE)

Valdez Homeschool  (STATEWIDE)