Alaska Homeschool Laws

Alaska Homeschool Laws

Educational law and information regarding parental rights to homeschool in Alaska


Alaska is considered a no-notice state and the step to begin homeschooling is easy! The state does not require any notification in order to begin or continue homeschooling. However, if your child is already enrolled in an Alaska public school, it’s best to notify the school that you intend to provide your child’s instruction at home. You may withdraw from public school at any time.


Alaska requires children between the ages of 7 and 16 to either attend school or comply with the state’s homeschool law. Your child is considered “school age” and must receive instruction if they are 7 years old by the time public school begins in your district, or if they have not yet reached 16 years old. Alaska law does not dictate what grade is assigned to the age of students that homeschool, so you are free to instruct your child at the “grade level” that best meets their abilities.


Alaska law does not specify any educational level or certification needed by the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) in order to homeschool.


Alaska offers a variety of educational options for homeschoolers.

The first option is private / independent homeschooling in which there are no government oversight requirements. As the parent/legal guardian, you assume sole responsibility for the funding, administration and teaching in your homeschool. You are free to operate your homeschool with the curriculum, schedule, and style that works best for your child and family. No record keeping is required, and you do not have to submit work samples or progress reports to any state agency. Alaska Private and Home Educators Association has worked for decades to help independent homeschoolers.

There is also an option for homeschoolers in Alaska to enroll in a state funded correspondence program. These supportive programs offer education funding (annual allotments) to help homeschoolers with textbooks/curriculum, school supplies, technology, extracurriculuar activities (physical education/art/music), memberships, field trips, classes/lessons/instruction and more! Correspondence programs are operated by public and/or charter schools.

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